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Elizabeth Lamers of World Goes Round Talks Through Her Top Music Picks

Elizabeth Lamers is an LA-based songwriter and actress, and vocalist within the band World Goes Round, an 80s pop-rock group. WGR wrote and recorded an album thirty years ago and it has remained unreleased up until now for various personal and contractual reasons. Only today do we finally get to hear this gem of a record - a very special release from four friends and successful songwriters and musicians. Oh, and it sounds as fresh as ever - this album has aged like fine wine.

Like Fleetwood Mac and The Eurythmics, there was romance at the heart of the band. Frank and Elizabeth’s relationship started as a love affair before mellowing into a creative force, which yielded the unforgettable hit song they wrote together with Brian May of Queen, “Too Much Love Will Kill You”. The composition was a global hit, winning a coveted Ivor Novello Award in the UK for ‘best song musically and lyrically’.

We spoke to Elizabeth Lamers about her favourite records of all time and here’s what she had to say:

“Donald Fagen’s The Nightfly would be my number one. It is a perfect album. The story telling is evocative and hopeful. The recording and sound quality is stunning. I never get tired of hearing it. Plus, there’s that awesome cover photo! It inspired me to be a jazz dj!

If pressed, Peter Gabriel’s So would be on the list as well as The Beatles’ White Album. I would add The Best of Earth Wind and Fire, Vol. 1 with its crazy brilliant horn parts, vocals and harmonies. Great grooves! Slamming good fun! Also, the “classic” Stevie Wonder trio of albums: Music of My Mind, Talking Book and Innervisions would be included. Stevie Wonder’s songwriting covered subjects that I had never heard before in R&B or rock. The songs went from dreamlike and inspiring to sexy and raw ~ life’s rich tapestry! Now often copied, but such a unique voice in pop music at the time. Which would bring up Carol King’s Tapestry and Joni Mitchell’s Court and Spark. I’m just getting started! My curveball would be Anita O’Day Swings Cole Porter with Billy May. May’s swinging charts, Cole Porter tunes, Anita O’Day in her prime, sensuous and edgy ~ it’s as good as it gets!”

Watch the video for “Too Much Love Will Kill You”, the hit they penned together, here:

Watch the video for World Goes Round’s single “Round The World”:

The new single from World Goes Round ‘Put It On The Line’ is out this Friday 9th! The album from World Goes Round is out this 30th October 2020 via Viper Records. All of the singles and album are available to stream and download on all major platforms.

For all things WGR, check out the website:

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