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Ellysse Mason masters heart-wrenching, euphoric alt-pop with her new track ‘MOTEL’.

If you’re not familiar with Ellysse Mason’s addictive strain of pop, it’s time to become her biggest fan before she takes over the world with her understated vocals, heart-wrenching songwriting and huge synth-pop sounds. ‘MOTEL’ is Ellysse at her finest, candid and raw with a large helping of undiluted, indie ecstasy.

Talking about the new track, Ellysse Mason shares: “After going through a writer's block a couple of years ago I switched from my usual acoustic and sat down with a keyboard. This was the first thing I wrote in a while. After that everything started to unravel and I had a clear vision for where I wanted to take my music and most importantly, how I wanted people to feel listening to it.”

Ellysse’s sound is unequivocally her own: sultry, atmospheric and euphoric.


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