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Ellysse Mason releases emotional alt-pop track ‘Where Were You’

Ellysse Mason gets straight to the point as she lays her soul bare on her dance-worthy new alt-pop track ‘Where Were You’. Ellysse’s understated yet powerful vocals simmer above an ambient soundscape with a punchy chorus with a driving beat that you’ll be humming for days.

Talking about the new track, Ellysse shares: “I wanted to explore the clash of contrasting emotions as a relationship comes to its end. ‘Where Were You’ is the straight talking voice needed to interrupt the silence of a complete communication breakdown. It’s both sides of the story, if either side were brave enough.”

Ellysse’s raw and powerful sound is highly addictive, it’s no surprise that she is consistently selling out venues in her hometown of Manchester and beyond. She is sure to be a familiar face over the coming years with her euphoric blend of poetic lyrics and infectious melodies.

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