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Emanuel looks set to break through with new EP, Session 1: Disillusion

Although it is the first part of an extended project, Session 1: Disillusion, has been picking up some serious heat since it's release on June 19th. That's probably partially due to the preceding single release of 'Need You', an impressive early effort from the Canadian RnB artist, which not only caught the ears of usual listeners, but it also turned the head of award-winning actor and musician Idris Elba. They collaborated together on the heartwarming video, which was released during the height of lockdown in the Northern hemisphere.

And so, the initial success of Emanuel's EP isn't entirely unprecedented, but that doesn't make the reception or the music itself any less remarkable. On Session 1: Disillusion, you'll find additional tracks 'Thought It'd Be Easy' and 'Addiction', as well as a remix version of 'Need You'.

'Thought It's Be Easy' is a poignant ballad that showcases the gentle authenticity of Emanuel's voice as laments on the pitfalls of love and relationships. It's well worth keeping a tissue or two nearby as this one is a tear-jerker.

'Addiction' is a blurry synthetic high that makes the use of a more complex production to pull the listeners closer into the inner workings of Emanuel's mind. Here we find a familiar friend to creative types - addiction. It's that search for eternal escape and the inevitable crash that forms the metaphor of a plane journey in this brilliant single. It's fast becoming a fan favourite.

As we hinted at earlier, Session 1: Disillusion forms the first part of Emanuel's Alt Therapy project and we eagerly await the second hit of his divine RnB sound.


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