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Embrace life with Sam Himself's album track "Heartland"

I'm consistently blown away by Sam Himself. His songwriting is so insightful, the genre mixes are always shifting and evolving, and he's always a dedicated presence in all of his music videos. It's unfortunate that I've haven't been able to see him live yet (come to Canada Sam!), because from the looks of the video for album track "Heartland", it would be a phenomenal live set as well. Watch the video below to see what I'm talking about, it's a montage style collection of clip from Sam Himself and his band's recent European tour, complete with funny outtakes and candid gig moments. When paired together with "Heartland", the tour sounds even more epic with those huge guitar lifts and Sam's earnest vocals. The track features on the new Never Let Me Go LP, which I'm told is a soundtrack for the first day after what looked like the last. It's very much about embracing life and being in the present. Note taken Sam!


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