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Ena Fay returns with emotion drenched EP 'I Can Feel It, Too'

Rising star Ena Fay shares her long-awaited EP I Can Feel It, Too, featuring the lead single, ‘How Can I’. Undeniably her best work to date, I Can Feel It, Too sees Ena Fay take a deep dive into her innermost heart and soul, sharing a level of vulnerability and openness yet unseen from the Irish-German songstress.

Speaking of the release, Ena Fay shares:

“The truth is, we all know how it feels to be confused, unfulfilled, or to keep wanting more. For myself as a person, I have found out that it is so much better to speak about how you feel rather than trying to figure it all out by yourself. Also the positive feelings, of course. This is what I am promoting with my new EP 'I Can Feel It, Too'. As they say - sharing is caring. Not just for the other, but also for yourself. We find ourselves living more passionately.”

Channelling her old soul style and calling upon her impressive upper register, Ena Fay delivers a captivating and characteristically theatrical performance on this record, displaying an incredible level of skill both in songwriting and vocal control and projection. Taking listeners on an intimate and enchanting journey, I Can Feel It, Too sees Fay at her most exposed but also at her most relatable which is precisely the beauty of this EP, it makes you feel it too...

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