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Enter the curious world of Mark Westberg

Mark Westberg is a musician of various artistic trades and talents. They are currently residing in Santa Fe, NM, though they originally come from Seattle, WA. Their love of many musical styles folk-punk, grunge, and rock-and-roll, comes through in their own unique shade of music. Having released their six-track EP ‘Starseed Phantoms’ last year, which was an intimate introduction into the world of the artist, they now return with their new single ‘Ghost’. Interestingly, Westberg has Chromesthesia, which has given them an involuntary ability to “see” music and sounds in colours and shades. As they state, ‘music is beyond just a “job” or a mere craft for me - it’s an experience’. About this new track, Westberg explains: "'Ghost' is a metaphorical and personal reflection of internal struggle, and it touches on how gradually healing from pain and past conflict is not always the easiest of journeys. This tune is one of my ways of facing that.”

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