Escape into j. pastel's feel-good indie tune 'Senegal'

We find ourselves reaching for ways to escape every more often, whether that be through bingeing the latest Netflix series, experimenting with bread-making, making terrible lockdown art or soaking our ears in indie-pop gems. If the last of these activities sounds like your kind of good time, then we couldn't recommend j. pastel's new single 'Senegal' enough. It's a slinky, uptempo slice of cross-pollinated pop that draws in elements of lo-fi dreaminess, funk rhythmics and retro synth vibes. It's the kind of feel-good indie listen that we crave during times like this, so we really do have to give thanks to this Chicago duo.

What's more, the thematic inspiration behind 'Senegal' also gives a new positive spin on connecting with the ones you love, whether that be virtually or IRL. As j. pastel say: "Senegal is a song about going to the ends of the earth to be with the person you love. It could be anywhere, but as long as you're together it doesn't matter.”

So go boldly on into laggy video calls, socially distanced catch ups, masked grins and late-night phone calls; the most important thing is letting the people you love know that you're there for them.