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Esme Bridie releases folk-pop single ‘Shades of Blue’

Merseyside singer-songwriter Esme Bridie has revealed the charming new single ‘Shades Of Blue’, infusing elements of folk into an uplifting indie-pop anthem. Her crystal-clear vocals are airy and sweet, delivering introspective lyricism alongside rolling beats and shimmering guitar. Driven by irresistibly feel-good melodic lines, Esme Bridie is sure to have listeners hooked on her new track.

Discussing the release, Esme explained: “I wrote this song about accepting the breadth of emotions that we have as humans and knowing that even on bad days we will feel better again. It is a hopeful song.”

Esme has been refining her lyrical skills throughout her life, first writing poems and now penning authentic tracks. Having performed regularly in her hometown of Liverpool, Esme is rapidly building a devoted local following. She’s already secured support slots under Chloe Foy, Siobhan Wilson and Miles Hunt from The Wonderstuff, with unlimited potential to achieve big things in the future.


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