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Evan Klar Releases New Single 'Party Hard'

Currently living between Berlin and Melbourne, alt-pop artist Evan Klar claims his self-confessed “muddled identity” might lend a hand in understanding his music. Evan releases his new single ‘Party Hard’ today with a music video to accompany. The song’s classic club feel showcases Evan's love for pop whilst unveiling his interest for early noughties garage/2-step and the alt-pop track is primed with hooks making it fit for a world that’s ready to party.

Discussing ‘Party Hard’, he states “Take this with a pinch of salt but a small part of me is hoping that ‘Party Hard’ sounds a little too on the nose. One thing I love about pop is you can hide something sad and serious under a blanket of glittery fun, it can work a bit like a painkiller. The truth is, what I'm writing about is a bit too personal to share, I think that’s why I'm attempting to gloss over what I'm saying in a ‘Vengaboys meets Craig David at a Charli XCX show’ type thing”

As a songwriter, Evan has also penned tunes for Casey Lowry, Ainslie Wills, Jonasu, Thutmose, Jason Ross and many more. In a recent trip to London, Evan connected with friends who were finding success on the music scene. Knowing that he played instruments and could sing, they pulled him in. He was taken along for the ride as a session musician, and was soon crossing Europe on significant stages, including Glastonbury, The Big Chill, and The Great Escape, playing for acts such as Charlie XCX, and Alex Metric. Despite the industry crash course, Evan ultimately felt disconnected when playing other’s music and decided to hit the studio with a destiny to discover his own style of nuanced pop. “Nothing satisfies me more than writing songs or just messing around in the studio. I felt the same way about Lego as a kid, it’s moreish and liberating” – his approach seemingly sunny but his writing often deeply personal, cosy and inquisitive.


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