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Fabri opens up on debut single 'Here Tonight'

While Fabri is not a name you are likely to come across at the moment, it is clear that this young singer and songwriter is going places as he offers up his incredible debut single 'Here Tonight'.

With a warm and intoxicating voice layered on a bed of sweeping production, 'Here Tonight' shows that this newcomer is showing a maturity in his songwriting that far outweighs his years. And that chorus is so magnificent, we can be certain that Fabri is going to set the world on fire in the months to come.

Talking about the release, he said, "Here Tonight describes the feeling of a moment that is slipping away. The song is set in a summer night during my last year of high school, a period in which I was conscious of the fact that life would soon drift me apart from many of my friends as we would set out for different paths in different cities."

'Here Tonight' can now be streamed everywhere. Discover more about Fabri here and listen to the new song below.


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