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Far West captivates on his latest single 'What Are We Waiting For'

Having already impressed so many with a glorious run of releases these last few years, California-based artist Far West is looking to continue that vibrant once again with his transportive new single 'What Are We Waiting For'.

Channelling another heady dose of shimmering pop-rock textures and kaleidoscopic aesthetics from start to finish, 'What Are We Waiting For' makes for an incredibly woozy listen throughout. Bringing back more of that shimmering direction he is known for, this new one will wash over you and leave you feeling renewed from start to finish.

Adding about his new song, he said, “What Are We Waiting For? is a song that explores the uncertainty and ambiguity of a relationship. The lyrics convey the feeling of being in limbo, where the protagonist is unsure of the other person's thoughts and actions. The song expresses a desire for clarity and a longing for a decision to be made in the relationship. It captures the feeling of wanting to move forward and leave the uncertain place where the relationship is currently at.”


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