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Fast rising UK talent Pritt and S.A.M release collaborative EP 'Take 2'

Fast rising London R&B artist Pritt has teamed up with North West London rapper & lyrical talent S.A.M. Collaborating on the EP entitled ‘Take 2’ the young artists delve into some serious topics often direct and extremely relatable, they explore the reality of a toxic relationship. The lead single 'Drowning' is a slightly sombre yet catchy record, with dancehall influenced production that fills the track with each artists distinct and unique vocal presence making their mark on the track.

The chorus “Drowning In Love” is used by the duo as a way to express returning to a toxic relationship that only adds to the pain but almost seems so difficult to escape. Their tones seemingly jelling together so well adding a genuine and natural feel to the record. Co-written by both, they are clearly a force to be reckoned with, not only as single artists but as collaborators too.

The EP following much of the same narrative and theme, Pritt and S.A.M have brought out a hit collection for the summer.

S.A.M: Instagram || Facebook || Twitter \ Pritt: Instagram || Facebook || Twitter


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