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Flowers For You Goes Full Pop-Punk In Latest Track 'Never Again'

Playing on the intertwinement of a full pop-punk band and an old school hip-hop beat Never Again is the newest release from artist Luke Seeley, aka Flowers For You.

Never again is a self-produced and poignant. It does an incredible job of describing the strife and struggle of living with mental health disorders and the feelings of loneliness and isolation that have been especially relevant in the last year.

Flowers For You has already created a distinguished style of music derived from the early noughties ‘MySpace’ scene. It’s riff-laden emo, deep cutting rap and lyrically balanced. Never Again is the evolution of teenage angst anthems into the new age of early adulthood struggles and the never-ending conflict of finding a balanced life.

Speaking on the creation of the song itself Flowers For You explains “never again is about feeling isolated and depressed. Its presentation is raw and doesn't hide it. To me, this song means that I could move past the emotions I poured into the song. I listen and it reminds me of how I felt when I wrote it but inspires me to move past it”.

With a second EP currently in the works, Flowers For You is a fast-burning star who is rapidly on the rise and there is continued success in his future.


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