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Fly Away (and feel good) with Max Parker's latest single

What would you say is the biggest act of love? Well, for Toronto musician Max Parker, it means to create an entire safe space for his significant other & he does that in his latest track "Fly Away (Feel Good). "This is my most romantic song that I have released to date,” Max tells Get It Shared. “The song expresses the notion that flying away to somewhere beautiful with someone you love, is ultimately what makes us happy. And by ‘flying away’ I mean both literally and metaphorically – to find a place (even if it’s in your heart) to care for and cherish the one you love."

Known for his catchy hooks and retrospective lyrics, there's a reason why Max Parker is quickly becoming one of the hottest young acts to come out of Canada since Bieber in 2009. Since he began releasing music, he's already reached the top 10 at Hot AC Radio, a number of playlist spots on Spotify, YouTube deemed him a Trending Artist on the Rise, and has over 30 million on TikTok. Why is his music resonating with people so much? Likely it's because his music is the perfect blend of radio hit bops and the deepest cuts that you want to weep to on a Saturday night.

Speaking further on "Fly Away (Feel Good)" he says "These days, many people, especially youth, are forgetting what it means to just feel good about life and socializing again, because life has thrown a curve ball on us. So this song challenges that, in order to have faith again, to have drive again, and to love again.”

Hitch a ride on Parker's latest track "Fly Away (Feel Good)".

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