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flyckt Delivers Full One Day EP

Swedish artist, flyckt, continues to display deeply endearing pop music with new EP, One Day. The body of work manages to blend his unique pop melancholy and blissful production amidst four sweet musical injections.

“I love art in all forms and when art amplifies an emotion. Could be a happy emotion or even a sad one.” - flyckt

From a young age, flyckt was exposed to lashings of creative music. His father (a Grammy award winning mix-engineer) laid down the vital building blocks of flyckt’s musical values. He was often pushed to take risks and experiment in his writing. Flyckt continued to show a deeply creative instinct in his first band Urban Cone, who’s hits such as Urban Photography and Old School saw them perform in front of 10 thousand people in Australia. As well as his solo-project, flyckt’s dynamic trio Moodshift sees him display his refined production skills. It is yet another project where the young artist has managed to generate millions of Spotify plays with hits such as What about my love and Chemistry.

The upcoming 4 track EP displays an artist's journey. The ultimate pursuit to find a happy life, displayed in honest lyrics and blissful melodies. Opening track, Love Is Overrated, shows frustration and building suspense with a melodic chant “I think love is overrated”. At the other end of flyckt’s writing spectrum, we have Cage, a haunting melodic vocal that dances over a slow-moving, wobbling organ to finish..

Title single, One Day, continues to channel the video's themes of utter, all empassing boredom that many can (unfortunately) relate to, all too well. Wake Up boasts similar flyckt humour ... The slow moving visuals see a progression through the solo-artist’s monotonous day consisting of drinking wine, eating pizza and throwing bits of paper at some stacked cans before finding sustainable enjoyment dancing alone in his living room. The track has a charming bounce from start to finish as flyckt sings “Don’t want nobody else, rather be by myself”. This interesting juxtaposition that plays between the joyous track and slow video displays the Swedish artist's ability to write songs with intricate emotions and of course, his passion for good wine and food.

“I’ve found myself getting really inspired when I watch movies or series. A perfect line will make me write a note in my phone and then become a lyric idea. Sounds inspire me as well. I’m always looking for unique and characteristic sounds to make my productions stand out.” - flyckt

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