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flyckt Drops New Video For Love is Overrated

flyckt is the Swedish modern-pop artist that aims to create transparent, intimate music centred around the beauty of lyrical content. The latest release from this young creative, Love is Overrated, deals with a changing inner battle that love is a mere distraction from life and its main activities.

flyckt grew up immersed in music due to his family and their equally creative journeys. His father, a world-renowned mixing engineer, threw flyckt into the studio at a young age. Previously a member of well-known Swedish band Urban Cone, as well as a key player in the dynamic musical trio Moodshift (alongside Lucas Nord and Oliver Nelson), flyckt now enjoys channelling his energy into this solo project. Drawing from skills refined in his previous projects, flyckt focuses on bringing raw elements from life experiences into audio; something flyckt admits to be a scary, vulnerable process at times.

“We recorded this video running through the streets of Stockholm by night in the rare company of three mannequins. With the video for ”Love Is Overrated” we wanted to capture the escapism in the lyrics of the song. Running away from the distraction of overrated love. The constant movement is like a symbol for the runaway feeling. If you never stop and reflect the pain won´t hit you”

The Love is Overrated video is a moody, confrontational depiction of the confusing feelings felt in love. There’s a hazy admission of feeling lost and potentially blaming relationships along the way. Described as an obstacle, flyckt (at the time of writing) desired to focus his time on something that really mattered to him, self-fulfilment, and whatever that may be.

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