Francis and Jolé delivers nostalgic alt-folk in 'Postcards'

Now a commonly used term and feeling, nostalgia was once the topic of heated debate among academic circles, although home-sickness has been long accepted as a human condition. Like other universal experiences such as love, loss, rejection, anger, melancholia etc., nostalgia is a well-worn topic for songwriters and so it's rather fitting the debut single from newcomer Francis handles the subject.

'Postcards' deals with that special kind of nostalgia, not for a place, but for a person. Someone that makes you feel like you're at home where ever you may be in the world. These simmering feelings of longing, daydreaming and hope swirl in a pot of plucked guitar strings, shaking percussion, grounding bass, spacious chords and winding electronic samples that give a sense of the warm sentiments at the heart of Francis' song. He's also joined by singer and songwriter Jolé whose vocal is the perfect accompaniment to the simple slice of sunshine.