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Francis La Lune drops new single “Arpeggio Finds a Home”

Francis La Lune has cemented himself as a rising star within music industry. However, this is due to hard work. Coming over to England in late 2020, he started studying at Abbey Road’s school of music production. During these studies, he attended countless songwriting sessions and played hundreds of jam nights. These experiences have helped him musically, quickly gaining the reputation of being one of the most knowledgeable guitarists on the scene.

In anticipation of his E.P “LUCID,” Francis La Lune is back with an irresistible new single entitled “Arpeggio Finds a Home.” La Lune has always provided a refreshing take on indie-rock, but this time his single comes with a tinge of vulnerability and nostalgia. Featuring stripped-back guitars and irresistible vocals, the track is simple musically but hugely impactful.

Speaking about the track, he says: “I love nostalgia, this song is about chasing that feeling. I've never been happier with lyrics. The ones I wrote for this song float in between reality and dream. The words that I sing reflect so much of what I am experiencing now in my life, having moved abroad, away from everything I knew. It's excitement and fear, grounding and playfulness, love and hate, a ride into the sun.

Francis La Lune is quickly building up an irresistible catalogue of music. With each release becoming better and better, and the release of E.P scheduled for late June - 2023 is gearing up to be his year.

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