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Franki Pineapple takes on Apple and returns with unapologetic single

An artist that doesn't follow the typical rulebook, Franki Pineapple is one of those musicians that stands up for the truth. Already cramming more into her life than countless blockbusters made in her hometown of Hollywood, Franki has worked as a screenwriter, novelist, journalist and her new incarnation as a singer-songwriter is her best work yet. With a logo created by none other than John Pasche who had years earlier designed the iconic logo for the Rolling Stones, everything was going to plan for the artist, until...

Taking exception to Franki’s appropriation of a fruit, Apple Inc sued her.

“Apple brought a compromise settlement to the table which I felt deep in my soul would limit me in ways I simply could not sign on for. I had done nothing wrong; I had infringed on Apple in no way; all I had done was put my heart and soul into the creation of something cool which represented peaceful rebellion; I knew I could not back down and so I decided to fight.” - Franki Pineapple

Marking her return with unapologetic single 'F*** It Man!' - the single is bathed in pop and punk sensibilities, and feels forever youthful.


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