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"Full Moon" is the latest indie-folk offering from Sarah Buckley

Released July 14th, 'Full Moon' may have not been out into the world for long, but it's certainly raising eyebrows and turning heads. The latest instalment from Cork singer-songwriter Sarah Buckley is beautifully atmospheric and easy on the ears. Delicately strummed guitars mixed with Sarah’s stylistic, gentle vocals while soft drums, subtle organ plays in the background, what more could we want?

Speaking about the writing and recording of Full Moon Sarah said: “It was an old song that I picked back up in lockdown to finish and record when I was looking for inspiration and a character to climb back into. It was the first time I had recorded remotely but really enjoyed the process of collaborating with Karl online and sending stuff back and forth.” Accompanied by a beautiful black and white video of gig shots and old movies edited together by Karl Cahill, Full Moon is out for you to enjoy below.


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