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George Gaudy stuns with The Beast

London-based Greek-hailing singer-songwriter George Gaudy returns with his newest release 'The Beast', the latest track from the upcoming LP due out in April. With an eclectic sound and a vintage style, the newest hit is truly something to marvel.

The Beast is a blissful ballad of epic proportions, with a stunning video to match. The lunar escape keeps us all company in a pool for reverberated guitars, piano and glowing vocal. The track could have fitted nearly into AM's Tranquility Base Hotel and Casino, with its cinematic mood and enchanting melodies.

Elaborating on the single, George explains:

"This is a song about dreams, heartbreak, and dreams of heartbreak - about the hidden joy of it, inflicting and receiving pain, and dark and light sides"

George's 2017 single 'Mother' was released under Universal Music in 2017 and was the theme for Eteros Ego, a critically acclaimed TV series. The Beast follows 'Bitter Princess Isabella', and given the strength of the these two - our eyes our peeled for more.

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