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German Artist Felix Räuber Looks At Human Vulnerabilities

Felix Räuber is the acclaimed German artist behind projects Wall and Me. This year, Felix builds towards another body of cinematic-pop work, that intricately combines score and indie-pop, within the AUTSIDER EP. The next musical snippet is through the eyes of the single and video Scared To Be Human. The striking visual accompaniment also delivers a neo-classical focus with a totally new string amalgamation.

Since his youth, Felix Räuber has been obsessed with making music as a creative outlet. By the age of 13 he founded his first band in his parents´ basement - the indie popstars Polarkeis 18, who later released their No. 1 hit ‘Allein Allein’ in 2008 and garnered more than 3.5 million Spotify streams. The song garnered multiple Gold & Platinum awards in Germany and became one of the most successful German-language songs of all time. As his musical personality developed, Felix revealed his self-titled solo project in 2018 which drew from his love for film, electronic music and pop. Recent success has even seen Felix Räuber’s Après Minuit (feat. Schlindwein) as a staple in the Emmy-nominated ABC and Netflix-series ‘How To Get Away With Murder’.

In the third single off his concept EP, Felix is involving another misfit character that’s familiar in his other work. Räuber is processing his personal experience during the time after the wall came down in his native GDR and the political right shift in the region that can be seen to this day and that he has been a victim of himself. He talks of a radical violent who ignorantly hides behind his muscles. The video starts with an introduction of strings, in a simplistic, but appropriately grand, setting. The classical quartet beautifully rise and fall alongside Felix and his driving vocals. Harmonies float around in the vast acoustics, showcasing Felix’s ability to marry a modern story of rife alongside a classically leaning musical injection.

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