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Get lost in Danica Dares sensational single ‘Paranoia Party’

Of all the things to come out the shambles of 2020, my new favourite band wouldn’t be the obvious revelation. Yet, Danica Dares are bursting onto the scene this new year with their incredibly unique blend of alt-indie, electronic and ‘80s elements. Having formed in the unforgettably constant chaos of last year, Danica Dares are proving exactly why they’re a hot act to watch this year. Utilising the stunning singing of Harriet McBain’s vocals, the bouncing bass and proficient production of Jon Haines and with Richard Sanderson gracing the group with his guitar skill, Danica Dares are breaking the mould with sonic manipulation.Their debut single, ‘Giving It Away,’ showcased the intricate attention to detail and musical magic that sets these guys apart. Not shying away from complex, contrapuntal soundscapes, ‘Giving It Away’ laid the foundations for the three-piece group as they now expand their incredibly impressive repertoire with their upcoming single ‘Paranoia Party’.

‘Paranoia Party’ is the radiant new single from the dynamic Danica Dares. This is the second release from their upcoming debut album ‘Curating The Lunatic’ - available on Bandcamp now. Boasting a beautiful soundscape, rich with striking synth melodies and a driving drumline that will get head bouncing, ‘Paranoia Party’ holds intricately weaved layers of musical magic. Whilst on the surface, their sound is compellingly chaotic, yet it’s evident that their sound is an expertly sculpted accumulation of their influences. Effortlessly fusing the resurgence of new-wave synth sounds with the subtle sounds of 80s house and punk, Danica Dares have carved a space in the electronic landscape suited just for them - and we love it. Harriet’s lyricism is both open and honest throughout this track, as the intimate nature of her penmanship shines through. Speaking on the harsh reality of panic and anxiety flooding your brain, Harriet seems never to shy away from the crucial conversations. However, keeping their optimistic outlook, the band says, “But, each new year calls for new beginnings, and this song shines a spotlight onto our unnecessary dependency on other people for our own happiness. Perhaps instead we need to look to ourselves for security. You can be your own party!” So, SO, true. So, as we hesitantly tread into the new year before us, why not let Danica Dares provide the daily soundtrack as we become our own parties, celebrating ourselves for just getting through it.

Ahead of any “official” network-wide release, the entire album ‘Curating The Lunatic’ from Danica Dares is currently available to buy on Bandcamp for £5

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