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Get To Know: CHKLZ

In the heart of the music world, amidst the bustling streets and vibrant beats, there exists a duo whose journey is as unique as the rhythm they create. Meet CHKLZ, a dynamic force of creativity and inclusivity, inviting fans into a world where music transcends boundaries and embraces all who dare to join the party.

At the core of CHKLZ lies a tale of serendipity, inspiration, and a furry friend named Charlie. It was on a scorching Fourth of July in downtown Phoenix where DJ iLL Choppo and LeMarshawn Jean stumbled upon a small, white dog under a truck. Rescued from adversity, Charlie, or "Chuckles" as he became affectionately known, became more than just a pet—he became the muse behind CHKLZ's mission. Their aim? To create a music community where everyone, regardless of background or history, could find belonging.

Crafting a distinctive name with a creative twist, LeMarshawn Jean spelled out CHKLZ—a subtle nod to their innovative approach to music. This fusion of live instrumentation with electronic beats forms the backbone of CHKLZ's sound, a rich tapestry of rhythms and effects that electrifies audiences worldwide. Drawing from DJ iLL Choppo's decades of experience as a touring drummer, each CHKLZ performance is a unique spectacle, bursting with vibrant energy and spontaneous moments that define the Groove Fiesta genre.


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