Get To Know... Mark Westberg

Mark Westberg is a singer-songwriter based in Santa Fe, NM, who is also an actor and visual artist. We get to know him with an in-depth Q&A…

1) Mark, what do you do to destress?

My stress-relief mechanisms vary. Sometimes it’s just playing/listening to music, sometimes it’s getting comfortable and putting on a good horror film, podcast, of old 90s cartoon like Courage the Cowardly Dog, sometimes it’s taking a walk or getting out and immersing myself in nature, maybe it’s talking with family or a very good friend of mine, spending time with my cats perhaps, stargazing from my balcony, reading some good poetry, or just lighting up an excellent strain of cannabis. 

2) Have you ever seen a ghost or had any kind of paranormal experience?

I’ve had a plethora of experiences like this actually! One of them is actually connected to a sleep paralysis experience (sleep paralysis being the central reason for why I wrote “Paralized”, believe it or not). I had a vision one evening when I was very small where I woke up in the odd hours in the evening, and my entire body was paralyzed with fear that seemed almost inhuman. My skin was vibrating, and I began hallucinating spirits drifting into my room, who looked very much like the holographic ghosts that you see waltzing in the large ballroom in the Haunted Mansion attraction in Disney Land. I could even hear them singing this very eerie choral music as well, which made the experience all the more terrifying, and just like that, it all disappeared. It’s an experience that is still etched in the recesses of my mind today, and one that thankfully contributed to one of my tunes. 

3) Is there one colour that you seem to have most in your closet?

I love wearing all colors. My closet is like looking at kaleidoscope patterns made out of various fabrics and materials. In other words it’s also very messy. 

4) Do you collect anything?

I have quite a few interests, so I’ve definitely accumulated a lot of things. To name a few, I’ve collected everything from vinyl records, old arcade games and memorabilia, literature primarily consisting of plays and poetry, instruments (especially guitars), old demo recordings and funny studio outtakes from prior recording sessions, Halloween decorations and lights, definitely movies (especially in the horror category), art pieces, and even different souvenirs from travel. 

5) What music do you listen to when you’re on your own?

I love all kinds of music and many artists/bands/performers, so for me it really depends on the situation and what music/songs/etc may resonate with me at that particular moment. 

6) Can you be alone without feeling lonely?

I’m an ambivert, so I am able to balance myself out in a fairly healthy way when it comes to talking with/being around other people and understanding and recognising when I need to be alone. So in short, yes I can. Doesn’t mean I have never felt lonely, but it definitely doesn’t mean that I am unable to be alone either. It’s good for the mind every now and then, I think. 

7) Which song always makes you dance?

One of my favorites to dance along to is “Sit Next to Me” by Foster the People. 

8) What makes you laugh?

If you’ve never watched the Canadian animated sitcom, Fugget About It, then I highly recommend it! Definitely an excellent show for a good laugh! 

9) If you could perform at any music festival, which would it be and why?

A new-age version of Woodstock for our time. Something that is very much unique to us that both really defines and reflects our era, and something that puts a stamp on the modern day arts renaissance that I believe may very well follow once this current debacle subsides. Who knows? Maybe I’ll be a part of creating it. 

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