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'Give It Up' is the smash ready hit from Berywam.

The artists who are no stranger to the spotlight, already have a plethora of achievements. As winners of the 2018 BeatBox world championships the artists are known for their serious talent.

With a Tik Tok following of six million and a successful stint on hit US tv show America’s Got Talent, the band has been busy developing their musical sound.

Their latest single 'Give It Up' is an infectious powerful and dance ready jam. Offering super charged electro dance production. The layered vocals settle well in the background flowing effortlessly with the beat. 'Give It Up' is one of those songs that you never really want it to finish so soon. There’s a lot going on here, but it all works, the artists have always worked well in unison, it seems that the transition over to music has been a natural and seamlessly easy one.

Incorporating their beat boxing skills into their music with this single, adding even more diverse energy and flow to the already high tempo vibe.

The beat breakdown in the outro section is also a really nice feature, credit to DJ and beat maker 20sly from C2C for handling the production.

The artist also have a video ready to roll out with the single, check it out below!



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