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glue70 drops another double dose, 'Days Go On' and 'Til You Say' .

Updated: Jul 13, 2020

glue70 has returned and with him he has brought another instalment of double track releases. Dropping not just one single, but partnering it with a second previously released track. The Majestic Casual member has served up yet another expert pairing in the form of

‘Days Go On’ and ‘Til You Say’.

He likens ‘Days Go On’ to that feeling of:

“When you really care for someone, you can sometimes wish there were no days where you aren’t with them.”

glue70’s sound is described as a rich musical tapestry: from a childhood of reggae, French house, breakbeat and sampled hip-hop comes a warm and unique intersection of feather-

light house and kick-laden R&B. Citing influences from the likes of Dilla, Doom, Daft Punk and Boards of Canada.

Emanating summer vibes and future chill-hop 'Days Go On' is the perfect addition to that chilled out summer playlist. Preparing for his upcoming LP release - ‘2070’ it's clear, this next release is set to propel him and his signature blend of mercurial electronica (aka “gluestep”) into a new stratosphere.

Check it out here:

Follow glue70 here:


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