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Good Rzn shine on their alt-pop anthem ‘Rebound’

LA musical duo Good Rzn return with their sophomore single ‘Rebound’, a glowing indie-pop track with delightfully chilled guitar sounds, seamlessly slipping between electronica and organic sounds. Vocalist Josie’s delivery is a treat- laidback and sugary sweet, giving us the pop perfection we came here for.

Discussing the new track, Good Rzn share: “Rebound was written about bouncing back from hard times and embracing the struggles of life with positivity. The song was inspired by flowers blooming through cracks in sidewalks where they shouldn't be able to grow. Recognizing the beauty within the ordinary is a core theme in the lyrics of ‘Rebound’.”

The duo have quickly racked up thousands of streams on their debut single ‘Sleep Talking’ and ‘Rebound’ is certainly another winner. One thing’s for sure, the future is looking bright for this dynamic duo.


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