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Grammy's Press Play Series Features "Seamless," New Single from Chris Grey

It can take years (and years) for some artists to be recognized for their talent within the music industry. For Canadian Chris Grey, he's finally getting that spotlight. For his new single "Seamless," The Recording Academy invited Grey to perform a special unique set for their Press Play series, going so far as declaring it a “must-see performance.”

Much like the idea of being 'seamless,' the Academy took note of the details in which Grey merges his sounds ("as if he's mixing the chemicals of the track in real time"), a nod to Grey's producer touch. Speaking further, the Recording Academy described Grey as an artist that "doesn't miss a note while bouncing back and forth" and highlighting that he's been producing songs ever since he was a teen, blurring the influential lines between his diverse upbringing from his parents.

It's a big move for Chris who states that he was "literally shocked" when he found out. Speaking further, he says "I kept asking my publicist if it was THE Recording Academy. It’s such an honour to be among some of the other incredible artists to have performed on the Press Play series. After a year and a half of not performing I knew I wanted to go all out when I got the opportunity. I lined up some insanely talented musicians and worked with them on converting the song to a live version. I knew I needed Oscar Rangel to perform the solo he recorded for the song. He’s been killing it in the Canadian metal scene and I’ve known him since I was a kid, so we play off each other really well.”

Check out the performance below.


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