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Salsola hits back with pop-punk single 'Cass'

Updated: Jan 24, 2020

‘Cass’ is the second single from the band Salsola and at first glance you can safely place them into the indie rock-pop category.

This record follows and develops on their first release ‘Embers’, which received frequent BBC introducing airtime and became It’s All Indie’s track of the week, and for understandable reasons – the track remains a raw and authentic sounding one whilst still offering a very modern and punchy style of indie production.

Having said this, the songs production allows the very common pop thread that runs through this record to sing and combine with all the other elements, resulting in interesting guitar riffs that support big sing along choruses. The listen leaves you curious as to what their next release may sound like- particularly in the vocals as inspiration has clearly been taken from an all manner of sources, including My Chemical Romance’s Gerard Way.

The band have taken part in plastic free gigs and have an interest in promoting a more sustainable gig culture whilst investing their time and money into other local businesses to collaborate with including a local brewery to develop their own ale.

Salsola have been well seasoned on the festival circuit and have made themselves known on tour also while supporting acts such as PINS and The Futureheads. Expect to see these guys on tour all over the UK in the coming months and I’m sure Cass is already an anthem hit for the band amongst their fans.

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