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Halfofyou shares gleaming track ‘Yallah’ in collaboration with Gabrielknowseverything

‘Yallah’ is a rhythmic gem filled with thumping beats and a variety of bold sounds, forged by the talents of Halfofyou and Gabrielknowseverything. The arab-cuban fusion unites a plethora of up-beat and lively instruments and melodies that will make you want to get up and move. The record is taken from Halfofyou’s brand new album ‘La Introducción’, and stylistically resembles sounds from the likes of Ozuna, Anuel AA and Myke Towers. Discussing the single, Halfofyou states: “This is from Cuba all the way to Palestine, an arab-cuban fusion from the United States, and what I got here is a beat you’ve never seen, with a dance style born in Puerto Rico”.

Cuban artist Halfofyou embraces his latin roots in each of his offerings, and never fails to bring the fun and the passion. His latest collaboration with Gabrielknowseverything impressively showcases his versatile talents, and displays exactly why his new album is a must-listen.

Listen below:

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