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Hank Compton Releases “Can’t Be Loved”

On Hank Comptons intimate new song “Can’t Be Loved,” I immediately think of 1975 80’s synths with a mixture of classic country guitar in the background. This song could easily be interchanged as a pop and country song all in one. His use of visual storytelling really brings the listener in when he says things like “Today I sat on my cheap sunglasses, snapped the lenses into two. Mistaked the drink with the can I ashed in, feels like I'm destined to lose.” The use of a real sounding drum kit throughout the song versus a programmed drums sound gives it a realistic sound that really compliments his voice. This song pushes genre boundaries by combining elements of pop sounds and incorporating folk/country sounds at the same time. “Can't’ Be Loved” is perfect during this difficult time approaching summer where we are not all together and we can feel as if the people we thought loved us don’t show us.

Check it out HERE now!

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