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Harri and Charlie Georgio team up on their new single ‘Lights’

Cousins Harri and Charlie Georgio are proving that together they are a powerful team with their new single ‘Lights’. Featuring production from Harri and bars from Charlie, the track gives the reggae sound a fresh edge with a British sound and pop vibe. Charlie’s bars poke fun at the trials and tribulations of being a growing artist, all wrapped up in their distinctive sound.

Discussing the new track, the duo share: “We wrote 'Lights' about the struggles of being an up and coming artist and everything it comes with… We didn’t want to take ourselves too seriously so it’s pretty light hearted. We’ve road tested it at our gigs for a while now and the response has been mad. The song has taken many shapes before it got to this point, so we’re excited for the studio version to finally drop.”

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