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Harry Marshal's 'Cold Outside' is a song for all seasons

You don’t want to miss the compelling new single ‘Cold Outside’ from emerging singer-songwriter Harry Marshall. A stripped-back indie offering with subtle rock edges, the emotion which pours through the lyrics certainly packs a punch. Accompanied by hypnotising synths and gripping guitar melodies, Harry’s gravelly voice is effortlessly soulful on this irresistible addition to an already sterling back catalogue.

Discussing the meaning behind his new record, Harry says: “Being in a relationship with an emotionally abusive partner can really take a lot from you. They can have a hold on you so strong that they isolate you from your friends and family - all the people who care about you the most. The dependency you develop for that person becomes so great that you lose your idea of self, because you believe that they are all you need and all you are. When that person has had their fun playing games and eventually leaves, that dark little isolated world is gone and you are left with nothing, not even yourself. That is what ‘Cold Outside’ is to me. Isolation and loneliness, sifting through the debris of yourself after someone breaks you.”

Australian Harry Marshall is now based in London, and he has charted internationally with singles such as 2016’s ‘Epilogue’ and 2018’s ‘Nowadays’. With over one million streams to date and a support slot on tour with Plain White T’s, Harry Marshall has the potential to become one of the next biggest names on the indie scene.


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