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Harry Marshall makes waves with his thoughtful singer-songwriter tracks on his new EP ‘Not Yet’

Aptly named to reflect Harry Marshall’s perseverance in a questionable music industry, Not Yet is an EP that seeks to share a powerful message and extend a comforting hand to those who have been made to feel like outsiders. Combined with Harry’s emotional sound with influences that range from 80s production to contemporary alt-pop, Not Yet, which boasts two brand new tracks, makes it clear that Harry knows what he stands for and won’t be budging.

Discussing the new EP, Harry Marshall shares: "This EP has so many different meanings to me, It was written pre-pandemic about life and all of the good and bad things that come with it. The singles were released throughout possibly the toughest time in my life. Working three different jobs at once to get by, whilst trying to have a music career and not let self doubt get the better of me was almost impossible. I had flown to Malta to spend Christmas with my drummer and drunk on a beach at 3am, he told me a similar story of what he was going through when we first met; the struggle, the pain, the temptation of throwing in the towel but he didn't because I kept telling him not yet. So that's what this EP is to me now, a reminder that I'm not finished, not yet."


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