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Hazel Mei releases jazzy single ‘Fool’

The jazzy new single ‘Fool’ from Brisbane-based artist Hazel Mei offers a dreamy soundscape, filled with shimmering chords and soulful melodies. Her clever lyricism takes on the voice of her anxiety, depicting the overpowering grip that mental illness can have over you. With such authentic lyricism and melismatic vocals, ‘Fool’ is an utterly captivating release which will leave you wanting to hear more from Hazel Mei.

Discussing her release, Mei revealed: “I wrote ‘Fool’ from the perspective of my inner-critic. I wanted to create an anthem that I could sing to take the power back from anxiety. Personifying this once paralysing feeling has helped me through moments of overwhelm and it’s pushed me to grow as a songwriter, producer and artist.”


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