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Helix Releases The Melodic 'Aurora'

Canadian artist, Helix, brings the melodies, charm and nostalgia in his latest track, but the vocals bring realism to Helix's audience as this track is one many can relate to.

Helix has always twisted and turned realistic lyricism into his classic beats, but the influences of The Weeknd, Ed Sheeran, 6LACK and more are proof that he has learned and perfected his work over the years and can now deliver some killer beats whilst keeping the listener engaged.

The new track is something exciting from the artist and we can't wait to hear more!

Speaking on the track, Helix says:

“The beat by Xtravulous gave me a nostalgic feel that I deeply connected with. It allowed me to capture the vibe of the song I was going for. When writing the song, I pictured myself on a mountain singing the song and staring at the Aurora lights dancing above me and looking beautiful. I felt like that’s how a relationship should be, there are points where they separate and come back together. Individually they look beautiful on their own but collectively they create something magical. I decided to relate the lyrics to relationship problems, because they are bound to happen. But after a “healthy argument” or whatnot, people usually come back stronger together. Like how the northern lights separate but never far enough to leave each other and end up coming back together. Things may get tough at times, but if we try to realign, we catch a vibe like those lights. The point of view of the song is from someone losing their connection to someone they love. Hoping that the connection will rekindle like all those other times.”

You can listen to the new release below.


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