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Hongza showcases all on debut EP 'Gen Z'

Arriving with a brand new debut EP project is the London raised Hongza who creates music with various genre influences.

His latest project is a high paced, Indie Pop, shoegaze EP, that possess heartfelt conviction and covers various relatable themes from being away from loved ones to heartbreak and falling in love.

Hongza has crafted his own unique sound, with elements of 90’s Indie rock and more modern pop tones especially in the concluding song. 'Gen Z' is a testament to the young artist and marks as a celebration of him coming into his own.

With a vocal that can fluctuate between genres with ease, he expertly includes a variety of different sounds and genres embedded within the project.

Theres no doubt the EP with be a firm favourite with growing fans and followers and as an extra special treat, Hongza has also announced he will be joining the line up at Wild Paths Festival!

Check out 'Gen Z' here:


Cure Me is originally about growing up and recovering from a break-up but my view on the track has slightly changed. It's not only about falling in love, it's about recovering from heartbreak through finding your true friends, spending time with your family and learning to love yourself during a rough time." - Hongza


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