Hugo Valentine is a changed man in his latest, retrospective single, ‘Change’

Hugo Valentine adds to his impressive repertoire of endearing and thoughtfully written pop and folk-rock tunes today with the release of, ‘Change’. His latest track is an emotional piano-led number written as a note to the younger Hugo, offering him advise from his present, adult perspective.

The song’s meaning is plain yet poignant; become the person you’ve always wanted to be but don’t lose the basis of who you really are. It’s a sweet, retrospective single with occasional sour notes, typical of Valentine’s work as a songwriter. He has a wonderful way with words, his songs consistently touch on sensitive subjects one would often rather cower away from, but Valentine approaches them with such a reassuring maturity and gentleness, that his words end up offering reassurance and a much-needed comfort. ‘Change’ is sure to go down as yet another flawless victory for Hugo Valentine, a supremely talented songwriter and a limitless pool of potential.

“Beyond the core message of the song, it's also a song about realising that things are not as they seemed when you were a child. It's a moment to reflect on those childhood memories and view them from your adult self's perspective. Most children are very impressionable, as I certainly was, but there comes with that a sort of bliss of life, a lack of knowledge and understanding of the difficulties and complexities of life - 'Do you remember the strange days, when we were young and free' - this feels bittersweet when you reflect on it as an adult. Then there's the idea of having the world at your feet, coming of age and following the lead of others around you, whilst also becoming aware of the dangers of life. There is almost an undertone of warning to not let people get to you, to get in the way of your dreams, of what you believe in. It's almost a note to younger Hugo - grow up, change, be what you want to be, but don't forget who you really are: 'Change, change, change, who are you gonna be?'”

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