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Hunter James and the Titanic cement legendary status with brand new album 'La Liberte'

One word describes Hunter James and the Titanic's new album perfectly and that's diverse. Able to win over fans of folk, Americana, rock and roll as well as old school classic rock and soft rock, there's something for everyone buried within the album. Composed of twelve tracks that summarise themes of redemption and hope, the overall vibe of the album is optimistic and light-hearted. Whilst some tracks reflect on themes that may feel hard-hitting, 'La Liberte' is mostly a coming-of-age LP with ounces of star quality.

Imagine the melodies of Rival Sons and the grittiness of Led Zeppelin and you'll be on the same wavelength as Hunter James and the Titanic. Prominently based around a southern-rock attire, 'La Liberte' is the album Lynyrd Skynyrd wouldn't mind having in their discography. Summarising the album, Hunter James shares, “La Liberte is about finding joy and meaning amongst the trudge of everyday existence”.

Using vintage audio equipment to create their distinctive production, the collective worked closely with Austin, TX mixing engineer Danny Resisch (White Denim, Father John Misty, Molly Burch, Shearwater, Other Lives) to convey their retro-infused sound.

Free-spirited and highly memorable, 'La Liberte' should be in everyone's top 10 album releases of the year.


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