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I.M.O share their feel-good R&B EP ‘Don’t Get Upset’

I.M.O are no ordinary band and it takes only a few seconds of listening to their new EP to realise that. Unafraid of pushing boundaries and unapologetically uplifting, ‘Don’t Get Upset’ has a pure energy that is vibrant and powerful. From the throwback ‘Damsel’ to the slick title track ‘Don’t Get Upset’, I.M.O are making confident strides- and sprinkling in euphoric brass for good measure.

The band describes it best themselves- “Music designed to make you feel good”- and we couldn’t agree more.

The Birmingham five-piece are no stranger to infectious melodies and hooks that you’ll be singing in your sleep. If the stunning execution of this EP is a sign of what is to come from the unique and eclectic band, then we’re definitely in for a treat.


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