ICYMI: Aions' grime track 'Sun's 4' feat. Dutchguts, Gi Major and Lord of Ciphers

Grime isn't something that we cover all too often here at Get It Shared, but we thought we'd make a special concession for Aions' 'Sun's 4' feat. Dutchguts, Gi Major and Lord of Ciphers.

For those in the know, the grime genre extends beyond its London birthplace and can now be found all over the globe, like in New York, for example. That's where you'll find Earthtone - the project of Aions and Gi Major - who have invited local rappers Dutchguts and Lord of Ciphers into the ring for the collaborative energy that you can find in 'Sun's 4'.

As they say of the recently released track:

"Sun's 4 is a bit of a double entendre. The track represents the energy that the four of us cultivate through our shared love of grime, while also symbolizing the inevitable sunshine after dark days."