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ICYMI... Emanuel's beautiful ballad 'Black Woman'

A couple of weeks back, Emanuel shared his latest single 'Black Woman', which is the latest in a serious of soulful R&B tunes from his "sessions". Earlier in the year, we heard Alt Therapy Session 1: Disillusion, featuring tracks 'Need You' and 'Addiction' which have picked up millions of streams since their release. No doubt, the upcoming EP will be another hit, especially consider the introduction in the shape of 'Black Woman'.

It's Emanuel's most cinematic offering to date. Making the most of a minimalist sonic space, Emanuel's voice glides through the intimate atmosphere as he sings about the beauty of black women from his perspective.

“The biggest message I would want to be received by this song is 'Wake up and see the queens around you and see these beautiful women and the work that they do and stop hindering them,” says Emanuel. “On a personal level, for other black men who have active black women in their lives or who encounter black women in their life, I hope this song inspires them to take stock to see if they hold any negative filters when they view black women, to take stock of how black women are treated, and to really appreciate them for who they are. The message of 'Black Woman' is a display of love to try to wake people up."

Listen to 'Black Woman' on Spotify, with artwork by Funny Tummy.


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