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ICYMI: Havva - Focus

Focus is Havva’s debut pop expression, with delicate verses and hard hitting choruses. With singable melodies and driving rhythms Focus is commands respect and seems to be the perfect way to start 2020. With themes of not giving up, retaining honesty and battling with anxiety, Focus is a versatile track that can fit within a multitude of genres.

Havva expands on her release of her newest single, Focus:

“FOCUS explores the matter of suffering with anxiety but being open and honest and just wanting to make choices that result in selfish happiness. something that most people of today struggle with when giving into peer and social pressure. I wrote Focus because anxiety is something i have always dealt with and it was more me coming to terms with the fact i’m not going to be doing what everyone else is doing, going out clubbing all the time, because in my head that doesn’t get me to where i need to get, and really gives me bad anxiety. It's more of a, you know what, im at home overthinking, stressing myself out, so don't pressure me into going out having fun, i'm good with staying at home my main goal is to get over any bad thoughts and succeed in my dreams! When i listen to Focus, it definitely empowers me and makes me feel strong and that's how i want everyone else to feel! To me it is definitely the anxiety anthem of 2020!”.


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