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ICYMI Jem reveals cinematic debut EP 'Don't Let Me Disappear'

Emerging with his debut single in late 2021, the rare and spellbinding ‘Secrets’, Jem followed this enticing entrance with the captivating sophomore single ‘Lost’, in which Jem ventured deep into his self professed world, the Negative Realm. Inspired by The Pianist a momentous visual was directed by Jems older brother Necip Karakas, to bring a dystopian world of a man who lost it all, to life.

Ready to present the debut four track visionary EP, ‘Don’t Let Me Disappear’ features the Middle eastern percussion and haunting backing vocals of ‘Secrets’ alongside the rich, Radiohead influenced ‘Lost’ which oozes dynamicity and 90s alt rock. Now, in order to complete the odyssey are the two unreleased pieces, the single ‘Do I Wanna Know’ and the deeply personal and innocently-honest ‘Paranoia’.

A transcendent journey awaits, where you find yourself gazing into the Middle Eastern skies, 'Don't Let Me Disappear' is an eclectic medium of transportation whilst showcasing Jems innate understanding to display sensitivity within his expression, this project serves as a delicate bridge between worlds just waiting to be explored.


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