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Independent artist Jem moves out of the shadows with glimmering debut single 'Secrets'.

Captivated by the love of music from a very young age and studying both Opera and then Contemporary Music, the 23-year-old musician went from the western coast of Cesme to the capital city of London to pursue his passion. After a series of years of honing his craft and continuing to be intrigued by the hidden mysteries of life, Jem now offers a rare perspective into both worlds with his debut track and accompanying video 'Secrets'.

An eclectic mix of the influences he has grown up to love and the inspirations of the scenic scope of his home and it's people, Jem blends the experiences of both the West and Middle East through the tones of hazy, enticing percussions with the aspects of alt-gritty guitar. As he dives into the effective sounds, listeners are painted with unique imagery by the dark, hard-hitting lyricism and are propelled into a story that is filled with mystery and wonder.

As he embraces the success of his debut single 'Secrets', Jem is ready to explore and unveil even deeper in 2022, making him an intriguing one to watch for next year.

"When writing music, I always hark back to a place, a visual, a feeling that reminds me of the warm and embracing state of where I grew up. And I've always been interested in the unknown, and the feeling lies between the lines. Music and art are my way of highlighting the beauty that I see, which is often buried with a plain sight for most people.” - Jem


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