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Independent pop artist Anna Thompson returns with the heartfelt anthem 'Gone (Love Letters)'

Independent pop artist Anna Thompson returns with the heartfelt anthem ‘Gone (Love Letters)’. Her interest in music has been constant since childhood, though her first break into the industry occurred when she was 16. After participating in a national talent search, she was offered a recording contract by a major label. She took a step back from high school in order to pursue this opportunity, though after nearly a year of work, the label decided against pursuing a further relationship with Anna. After which she returned to school with a mere two months remaining, and managed to graduate on time with her peers. Following her rather abnormal high school experience, she took all the knowledge from her label experience, and used it to her advantage as an independent artist.

She joined forces with several other Seattle based creatives, and recorded her debut EP "Centerpiece." The debut spawned several TikTok viral singles including "Telepathically," and "Get Me High." Since Anna's debut as an indie artist in December of 2020, she's garnered over 150k followers on social media, 15k Spotify followers, and millions of streams across all platforms.

Speaking about the new release, Anna shares, “When I was writing Gone, I thought it was merely hypothetical. It took me a few days to realize it was a reflection of my unhappiness in my relationship. My writing brought out what I was too afraid to admit to myself. It was a huge transitional piece to moving forward, and doing what I needed to to be happy.”

Having posted a video of herself singing the song at her piano shortly after writing it, the video received 1.1 million views on TikTok. Commercially endearing and the type of track that you’d hear at the top of the charts, ‘Gone (Love Letters)’ speaks volumes to people feeling unhappy within their platonic and romantic relationships.


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