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Indie outfit Gecko Club unleash summer surf-rock anthem 'Summer 2020' inspired by Australia's music

Formed in January 2018, Gecko Club are the ‘exotic beach pop meets surf rock’ outfit you need in your life. Titled ‘Summer 2020’, this summer anthem fuses the sound of Australian indie bands with the youthful scene of the UK. Written last summer in the midst of the COVID-19 pandemic, this bittersweet track captures the globe’s despair when our summer plans went out the window. Bathed in an optimistic arrangement that feels somewhat bittersweet in places, this genre-bending track refuses to be limited to one specific style. Sitting at over 8,500 monthly listeners on Spotify and over 500,000 streams, Gecko Club are quickly becoming the public’s go-to genre-bending band and ‘Summer 2020’ confirms why.

Highlighting their thoughts on the track, Gecko Club share, “We started writing this song in lockdown last year when we were all feeling pretty down about our plans for the year being cancelled. 2020 was supposed to be the year we set off on our first tour outside of the UK with our mates The Koalaz from Holland, as well as a strong list of festivals we were booked to play at. We kinda had a chat at the start of last year and with everything we had booked, we’re confident it was going to be a big one for Gecko’.

‘Boomtown is a big part of our summer together and the fact we couldn't go this year was killer. We decided to focus the lyrics around the festival but really it represents something much greater than just the festival itself. We don’t really like writing depressing songs and we design our live sets to be a party, which is why the song sounds the way it does, you know, upbeat and easy to have a skank too. At face value it comes across as a happy feels song but listening deeper to the lyrics you realise, err well, we missed the summer and we’re cut up about it.” Infusing happy, reggae vibes that will instantly make you feel good, ‘Summer 2020’ will be the soundtrack of the summer. Gaining previous support from Music Crowns, RGM, Little Dose of Indie and Spotify playlists such as Garden Indie and Discover Weekly, you could say that Gecko Club are definitely turning heads. Extroverted and the type of band you turn to when you’re needing a boost, the band’s name originates from a local nightclub in Vale Do Lobo called Gecko Club. Huge fans of the Australian music scene, Gecko Club draw inspiration from the likes of Sticky Fingers, Ocean Alley and Peach Fur.


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