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Introducing Your New One To Watch: LA Alternative Artist HILTON

The path to music has been a long journey, both metaphorically and literally, for alternative artist HILTON. After taking the bare necessities in his 2006 4-Runner and driving from Michigan to Los Angeles, HILTON didn't really know what to expect. Despite not having much and living in a house with a myriad of people, he finally felt like he was in a place where he could reach lean into his music and try, as hard as possible, to reach his music dreams.

Now HILTON feels like he's on the cusp of breaking it in with the likes of MGK, Yungblud, and other artists who not only blur the lines between genres, but dance around them and make their own unique spin on every song they release.

His fourth release this year is the gritty track "Bones," a genre-defying track that calls back to HILTON's influences in rock, hip-hop, and, of course, the alternative music he's inspired by. When asked about the inspiration behind “Bones” HILTON states, “When I started writing ‘Bones’ I thought it was a very strange chord progression, and just a weird vibe overall. It made me feel sort of uncomfortable. I wasn’t sure what the first couple lines meant, or if they made any sense at all. Something told me to push through however, and see what might come of these odd sounds. From that point forward ‘Bones’ came together in the most effortless, magical way.”

Speaking further, he says “Of all the songs I’ve written, it pushed me the furthest from my comfort zone, then brought me straight to a place of clarity and raw emotion. When it came time for production, I challenged myself to stay far away from home and see what else this thing could become. All of this fresh territory resulted in the making of my favorite song I’ve ever written or produced. I hope listeners can feel the vulnerability, and mad-scientist energy that went into ‘Bones’”.

The resurgence of alternative music is made apparent by an artist like HILTON — dynamic and ready to defy whatever labels anyone attempts to place on him. We are all just lucky to be around to both witness and hear it.

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